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Living Room (Before)

Stagi∙ng   /ˈstājiNG/   noun

Adding cost-effective amenities and improving the general cleanliness and condition of the home. By highlighting your home’s strengths and giving prospective buyers a sense of how they would utilize different spaces, you can help them develop emotional attachments to your home.

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Living Room (After)
Master Bedroom (Before)

National Association of Realtors’ Statistics

  • Staged homes sell 80% quicker and for 11% more money.
  • Most buyers make decisions within 15 seconds of entering the home.
  • A staging investment of 1-3% typically generates a return of 8-10%.
  • 85% of buyers browse online before visiting – beautiful photos matter.
Master Bedroom (After)
Kitchen (Before)

Handling the Competition

When a seller stages their home, one of two things happen: (1) the home becomes more valuable than other comparable properties in that price range; or (2) the price of the home increases and becomes the lowest priced option in the next higher price range.

View a sample copy of our Staging Report for more ideas.

Kitchen (After)